Tissue of origin   Cancellous-cortical heterologous bone mix
Tissue collagen   Preserved
Physical form   Friable dried block
Composition   100% bone mix
Granulometry   fine ≤ 300 µm
Re-Entry Time   About 4 months
Packaging   Blister 2 individual pcs. mm 10x10x10

Thanks to its composition (micronized heterologous bone granules aggregated with collagen), besides functioning as a socket filling material, OsteoBiol Tablet can also provide an immediate and constant anti-inflammatory and antihemorrhagic action.

The Osteobiol Tablet can thus be considered the first choice material after dental extractions and oral surgery in subjects with hemorrhagic predisposition (diabetics, people with heart disease treated with anticoagulants, people with low platelet counts): in these cases, the block acts as a uniform sealant of the cavity walls even without stitching the flaps. 

After debridement of the receiving site, directly place the block in the bone cavity to be filled. Once soaked with blood, its plastic consistency allows a perfect adaptation to the post-extractive cavity. Due to this plasticity, Tablet antihemorrhagic blocks are not resistant to loading and compression of grafting sites: these conditions must therefore be avoided. If necessary, proceed with suture of the alveolar margins. 

Clinical applications
Traumatology, Dentistry and wherever fast and prolonged antihemorrhagic action is needed; Tablet provides also a scaffold function in order to avoid the collapse of the alveolar walls after dental extractions, with consequent both vertical and horizontal bone loss.

Products list
BLE21S   2 Blister   FRIABLE DRIED BLOCK 10 x 10 x 10 mm   Porcine