Densah Bur Full Kit

  • Densah Bur Full Kit
    The full Universal Densah® Bur Holder is the best value for your practice if you use multiple implant systems. These burs use external irrigation and are compatible with all traditionally sized implants leaving you with the flexibility to do more with less. The proprietary flute design allows the bur to work in 2 modes:
    Cutting Mode (Clockwise rotation) at 800-1500 RPMs
    Densifying Mode (Counterclockwise rotation) at 800-1500 RPMs

    Includes Pilot Drill, Universal Densah Bur Block, Versah Parallel Pins

    VT5 Series - VT1525, VT2535, VT3545, VT4555
    VT8 Series - VT1828, VT2838, VT3848, VT4858
    VS8 Series - VS2228, VS3238, VS4248, VS5258.

    (Implant drivers not included)