Manufactured especially for Ostralos, these exceptional sutures are highly popular with top New Zealand surgeons.

Linex is Dolphin Suture's brand name of nylon sutures, also known as polyamide sutures. Nylon sutures are monofilament sutures and are remarkably smooth, soft and give excellent knot security.

Nylon sutures are non-absorbable sutures and possess excellent tensile strength. Nylon sutures are available in black colour and have excellent tensile strength. They can be easily removed with no tissue adherence, and these sutures are infection resistant.

Sizes Available:

  • 4-0 with 3/8 circle reverse cutting 19mm needle
  • 5-0 with 3/8 circle reverse cutting 12mm needle
  • 6-0 with 3/8 circle reverse cutting 12mm needle

If you are interested in a particular size that we don't stock, please contact us.