Manufactured especially for Ostralos, these exceptional sutures are highly popular with top New Zealand surgeons.

Duracare polypropylene sutures are a non-absorbable, sterile surgical suture. As a monofilament suture, it does not support bacterial growth. It is not affected by blood, or weakened by tissue enzymes. It offers prolonged tensile strength even in infected areas, as it is not degraded over time. This suture is knowwn for low tissue drag, easy handling, and good strength.

Distinctive characteristics

  • Non-absorbable
  • Smooth texture, resulting in minimal tissue trauma
  • Uniform diameter with high tensile strength resists breakage
  • Highly visible in the wound

Needle: 3/8 circle, reverse cutting, 16mm

We currently have size 5-0 available. If you would be interested in other sizes, please contact us.