Petcryl Mono

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Manufactured especially for Ostralos, these exceptional sutures are highly popular with top New Zealand surgeons.

Petcryl Mono suture is a monofilament synthetic absorbably surgical suture. It is a co-polymer of glycolide and caprolactone.

Petcryl Mono has low tissue reactivity and maintains 50-60% in-vivo tensile strength at 7 days and 20-30% at 14 days. Total absorption in tissues takes around 90-120 days. Being monofilament, the suture is smooth, making it easier to pass through tissues compared to a braided suture. It has a consistency close to nylon suture material.

This suture is generally used for soft-tissue approximation, subcuticular dermis closure of the face, and as ligature. The suture is absorbed by simple hydrolysis and is known for reliable absorption.

Distinctive characteristics

  • Very high tensile strength initially
  • Used for soft-tissue approximation and ligation
  • Excellent knot security and high pliability
  • Very low incidence of infection and trauma
  • Smooth tissue passage as it is monofilament
  • Reliable absorption
  • High in-vivo strength retention

Petcryl Mono allows wounds to be kept exceptionally clean, without build-up of plaque and bacteria. It is an ideal suture for implant surgery.

Note: the suture ends can feel sharp for patients, so the knots are best placed away from the tongue.

Needle: 3/8 circle, reverse cutting, 19mm

We currently have size 4-0 available. If you would be interested in other sizes, please contact us.