Optimising Oral Surgery Symposium 2017

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Marco Esposito

Keynote Presentation by Prof Marco Esposito

Short implants vs augmentation procedures, and an investigation of long implants without augmentation

After a brief introduction on the scientific methods in clinical dentistry, this presentation will focus on how to rehabilitate with dental implants atrophic jaws by comparing, in randomised controlled trials, two alternative options: the use of short implants versus the use of longer implants enabled by bone augmentation procedures. Also trials on the use of short implants versus longer ones in the presence of adequate native bone will be discussed, as well as some hints on zygomatic implants.


Scott Davis

Feature Presentation by Dr Scott Davis

Optimising the Surgical Part 1: Driven by the Restorative

Beginning with an overview of occlusion, achieving passivity and the use of intermediary abutments placed at time of surgery. Surgical innovations that make screw-retained prosthetics even more achievable will then be presented. A notable finding in recent literature is the abundance of mid-facial soft-tissue that can be achieved from the bucco-palatal angulation of implants. This will be further explored in the hands-on workshop "Optimising Anterior Aesthetics when Placing Implants".

David Chrisp

Feature Presentation by Dr David Chrisp

Innovations in Sedation for Oral Surgery

Interesting trends are emerging in support of IV sedation at present. The development of Crisis Management Skills using simulation training to better equip practitioners for medical emergencies will be discussed. The initial findings of a trial using high flow nasal oxygen systems to avoid oxygen desaturation will also be presented.


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Featured Breakout Sessions

Manish Patel

Suturing Master Class
with Dr Manish Patel


Nick Stretton

Practical PRF
Live Demonstration
with Dr Nick Stretton


Scott Davis

Optimising Anterior Aesthetics when Placing Implants
with Dr Scott Davis

Thermo-Sensitive Viscocity
TSV Gel Live Demonstration
Sticky Bone without the Needle

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 Implant Workshop with Dr Scott Davis - ONLY A FEW PLACES LEFT
 Practical PRF Live Demonstration
 OsteoBiol TSV Gel: Sticky Bone without the Needle
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