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Southern Implants
Southern Implants have been providing leading edge implant solutions to surgeons and restorative dentists since 1987.
We offer you dental implants incorporating innovative technologies along with restorative components of exceptional fit and compatibility to solve everyday challenges. Our award winning MAX implant system and innovative angled implant system, Co-Axis, are complemented by a range of conventional implants, all in very useful connections such as External-Hex, Tri-Nex, and now DC (Deep Conical) and M Series Internal-Hex.

Co-Axis implants have re-defined implantology with a sub-crestal angulation that enables surgeons to avoid anatomical constraints while gifting the restorer with an ideal screw-retained angle that matches the natural root and tooth relationship. Initially designed for the anterior maxilla in 12 degree, with External-Hex 24 and 36 degree angulations are also available to navigate anatomical constraints in the posterior maxilla and mandible. Co-Axis truly broadens the scope of treatment planning for the surgeon, while also simplifying the restoration for the prosthodontist or restorative dentist.

The MAX implant system has won numerous international awards and is designed for one indication only - “immediate placement in the molar socket”

Southern Implants not only has leading edge innovations with their fixtures, but also in their line of restorative components. One example is the CIA scannable abutment for accurate results with a range of chairside milling units. Another is the passive abutment that gives a pristine fit to the fixture while keeping the work in-lab and at a very cost-effective price. Explore the range today...^