Apatos Porcine Cortico-cancellous Bone

Tissue of origin   Porcine cortical and cancellous bone
Tissue collagen   Degraded
Physical form   Radiopaque granules of mineral hydroxyapatite
Granulometry   600-1000 µm
Re-Entry Time   About 5 months 
Packaging   0.5g vial


Characteristics: Apatos is a biomaterial of heterologous origin with characteristics similar to mineralized human bone; it can therefore be used as alternative to autologous bone. The natural microporous consistency of Apatos facilitates the formation of new bone tissue in bone defect area, accelerating the process.

Handling: Apatos must always be hydrated and thoroughly mixed with a few drops of sterile saline; it can also be mixed with patient’s blood. Finally it can be mixed if necessary with the drug selected for surgery; the mixture thus obtained should be positioned with a sterile spatula or syringe for biomaterials.



Oral surgery: granulomas, dentigerous cysts and split crests.

Implantology: universal filler used in treatment of dehiscences and periimplantitis, two wall defects, lateral and crestal access sinus lift. In particular Apatos Cortical is characterized by a very long resorption time, guaranteeing optimal preservation of the graft volume.

When needed, Apatos graft can be protected with OsteoBiol Evolution membrane or Soft Cortical Lamina.