Gen-Os Granulated Porcine Hydroxyapatite with Preserved Collagen

Tissue of origin   Cancellous-cortical heterologous bone mix
Tissue collagen   Preserved
Physical form   Granules slightly radiopaque
Composition   100% granulated mix
Granulometry   250-1000 micron
Re-Entry Time   4/5 months, depending on grafting site characteristics

0.25g vial
0.5g vial
2.0g vial

 a natural replicate of autologous bone, Gen-Os conserves the same intimate structures (matrix and porous form) and presents a high osteoconductive activity.  It is biocompatible and bioavailable, as recognized by tests made according to the ISO 10993 method conducted at the Universita degli Studi di Torino. 

Gen-Os is gradually resorbable and provides support in bone neoformation helping to preserve the original graft shape and volume (osteoconductive property).  Moreover, thanks to its collagen content, the product facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerating cells, favoring restitutio ad inegrum of missing bone.  Beacuse of its marked "hydrophilia", it can function as a carrier for selected medication and drugs.

Handling: Gen-Os must always be hydrated and thoroughly mixed with a few drops of sterile physiological solution to activate its collagen matrix and to enhance its adhesivity; it can also be mixed either with the patient's blood.  If necessary it can also be mixed with the drug selected for sugery.

Advantages: Gen-Os expands up to 50% in volume after hydration with sterile saline: hydrated collagen contained in each granual also increases biomaterial adhesivity.


Oral Surgery: granulomas, dentigenous cysts and ridge split.
Periodontology: filler of deep intrabony defects and furcations.
 universal filler used in treatment of dehiscences and periimplantitis, two wall defects, lateral and crestal access sinus lift.  When needed Gen-Os graft can be protected with OsteoBiol membranes or OsteoBiol cortial laminae.


A bone graft is a material used to repair a bone defect or deficiency contour and/or volume. The use of these materials in regenerative procedures is based on the assumption that they are osteoconductive i.e. serve as scaffold for new bone formation.

The entire OsteoBiol line consists of xenografts, i.e. biomaterials deriving from heterologous bone and soft tissues. The Tecnoss patented manufacturing process used to obtain these materials is able to achieve biocompatibility preserving part of the collagen matrix of the animal bone and avoiding at the same time high temperatures that would cause ceramization of the granules: the result is a unique biomaterial, consisting of mineral component and organic matrix, with a porous surface extremely similar to autogenous bone and able to resorb progressively while new bone formation takes place.

Gen-Os, a cortico-cancellous bone mix, has been the first product developed with this innovative biotechnology and, due to its universal use, still is today the most demanded from the market.

Gen-Os has been successfully used and documented for alveolar ridge preservation in combination with Evolution membranes: the application of this biomaterial limits significantly the alveolar ridge width reduction that would naturally occur with spontaneous healing, preserving thus the alveolar ridge volume and allowing a correct second stage implant placement.

Gen-Os is also indicated for lateral access maxillary sinus lift and dehiscence regeneration, always in association with Evolution membranes. Ongoing studies are also proving its effectiveness in periodontal regeneration of deep intra-bony defects.

Due to its collagen content, once hydrated Gen-Os becomes very sticky and hydrophylic: it combines therefore extremely well with blood and is very stable once applied into the grafting site.

Its cortico-cancellous composition allows a progressive resorption of osteoclastic type, with in parallel a similar rate of new bone formation: these unique properties allow a very good graft volume preservation, a healthy new bony tissue and ultimately, a successful implant rehabilitation.