Tissue of origin         Mix of cancellous and cortical porcine bone
Tissue collagen   Preserved
Physical form   Bone putty with plastic consistency composed of collagen gel loaded with 80% micronized porcine bone mix
Composition   80% granulated mix, 20% collagen gel
Granulometry   ≤ 300 µm
Re-Entry Time   About 4 months
Packaging   3 Syringes, 0.25cc
1 Syringe, 0.5cc


Characteristics: Putty is a bone paste with at least 80% micronized heterologous bone (granulometry ≤ 300 µm) and collagen gel (Gel 0).

It is made with an exclusive process that provides the product with exceptional malleability and plasticity, making it easy to apply in sockets and peri-implant defects with walls.

Thanks to its collagen component, the product facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerative cells.

Successful grafting needs complete stability of the biomaterial: for this reason Putty must be used only in cavities able to firmly contain it. Therefore, Putty must not be grafted in two wall defects or in lateral access sinus lift procedures.

: Inject the product and adapt it to defect morphology without compression; any non stable residue must be removed before soft tissue suture. An Evolution membrane is recommended to protect Putty grafted in peri-implant defects.

Part of a biopsy showing newly formed bone after treatment with Putty. Biopsies were taken 5 weeks after implantation in rabbit maxillae. The smaller granules are totally covered by newly formed bone and seams of osteoblasts are recorded almost at all bone surfaces. Both the marrow spaces and bone are fully nurtured by neovessels.


Implantology: versatile alveolar filler to preserve crestal volume (4) and in immediate post-extractive implants where it facilitates primary stability; ideal for the treatment of peri-implantitis and in ridge split procedurers. In crestal access sinus lift, Putty can be used in association with Gen-Os (ratio 1 part Putty, 3 parts Gen-Os) to facilitate insertion.

Oral surgery: ideal filler after dental extractions, granulomas, dentigerous cysts.



The exclusive Tecnoss® manufacturing process guarantees an exceptional malleability and plasticity: furthermore the syringe packaging gives Putty extraordinary handling properties making this product the ideal choice for post-extractive sockets, self-contained peri-implant defects and all defects that present a self-contained cavity.
Thanks to the collagen component, Putty facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerative cells. Furthermore, the Tecnoss® manufacturing process avoids granules ceramization, allowing a progressive resorption of the biomaterial and, at the same time, a significant new-bone formation rate. Putty's "soft" consistency also guarantees an easy and healthy soft-tissues healing.

Thanks to these unique characteristics, Putty is particularly indicated for peri-implant defects regeneration: following immediate post-extractive implants placement, Putty can be injected between the defect walls and the implant, guaranteeing a perfect filling of the entire defect volume.

The product versatility also makes Putty the ideal solution when bone tissue has been lost due to peri- implantitis as long as the containing walls are present. In fact, the primary condition for gaining a successful regeneration is to achieve the biomaterial initial stability. Therefore, Putty must be used only in self contained defects where the surrounding walls guarantee this condition: for example post- extractive sockets and inside the bone crest when ridge-split technique is adopted.