Oral Surgery Resources

Resource Folder for oral surgery products and related info 
  • Dolphin Sutures - Range Overview
    Ostralos has teamed up with specialist suture manufacturer Dolphin Sutures to produce an outstanding range of surgical sutures. These sutures are specifically made for Ostralos, utilising top-of-the-line "Prime" needles, matched with a superb range of quality thread materials.
  • Exposé Series - Non-Absorbable Sutures
    Insights into Non-Absorbable Sutures, when and how they are used, and properties of their materials.
  • Suture Comparisons - Ethicon & Dolphin Sutures
    A comparison of the Dolphin Sutures range with their equivalent from Ethicon. Covering both absorbable (including absorption time and material properties) and non-absorbable sutures.