• Hex 0.9mm
    Use with Coverscrews for the Ex-Hex Implant Range
  • Abutments
    Use with Standard Abutments, Conical Abutments and Compact Conical Abutments
  • Blade Drivers
    Use with all slotted screws
  • Hex 1.22mm
    Use with Ex-Hex Range: One and Two-Part Healing Abutments, Impression Copings, Ball Abutments, Hex Screws and Fixture Mounts
  • OAB
    Use with OAB Abutments and Overdenture Abutments
  • Square/Quad
    Use with Quad/Square type screws
  • Uni Grip
    Use with Tri-nex Coverscrews, Healing Abutments, Overdenture Ball Abutments and Unigrip prosthetic screws