• Tissue origin :
    Heterologous pericardium
  • Tissue collagen :
  • Physical form :
    Translucent dried membrane
  • Composition :
    100% pericardium
  • Thickness :
    Extra-fine: 0.2 mm
  • Estimated resorption :
    About 40 days
  • Packaging :
    20x20 mm, 30x30 mm
  • Product codes :
    EM02LE | 20x20 mm | Equine
    EM03LE | 30x30 mm | Equine


Obtained from extra fine pericardium of heterologous origin, using an exclusive Tecnoss® process, the dried Special membranes are completely resorbable. Once hydrated, they become translucent and flexible, guiding the growth of epithelium and preventing its invagination: their action favors therefore an optimal regeneration of the underlying bone tissue.


Special can be shaped with sterile scissors until the desired size is reached; it must then be rehydrated with lukewarm physiological solution. Once it acquires the desired plasticity, it must be adapted to the grafting site. It is recommended to prepare a pocket with an elevator in order to stabilize the membrane in the site after stitching the flaps. If this is not possible, the membrane can be stabilized with envelope sutures which bridle it with the gingival flaps.

Clinical Indications

In periodontology, Special can be used as a separator of bone and soft tissues in treatment of gingival recessions. it can be used to protect the sinus membrane before the insertion of the grafting material, to close sinus membrane perforations. Grafts placed in post-extractive sockets can be also protected with this membrane.