Bone & Soft Tissue Regeneration Resources

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Exposé Series - Resorbable Membranes
Membranes are a vital part of GBR procedures and serve several purposes. With many types of membranes available, here are a few insights into the range of resorbable membranes from OsteoBiol...
New Socket Preservation Product
Osteobiol has recently launched a new product for those who have been waiting for cost-effective and reliable socket preservation.
Sp-Block Product Video
Watch this short video to learn more about OsteoBiol's Sp-Block for vertical ridge augmentation
OsteoBiol mp3 Video
Please watch this video to see an example of how mp3 is used for a sinus lift
OsteoBiol Putty Video
Watch this short video to find out more about OsteoBiol Putty and its usefulness around implants and tight dehiscences
OsteoBiol mp3 and Grid Mesh
Osteobiol mp3, apatos and grid mesh are used to restore an atrophied ridge
OsteoBiol Putty Case Study
Ridge split clinical series using Putty
The ”Spaghetti Technique"
Crib grafting with titanium mesh, using OsteoBiol Putty