Guidelines for Anterior Aesthetics in Healed Sites

10 commandments anterior aesthetics in healed site
1. Evaluate biotype.
Consider soft tissue grafting if thin.
2. Evaluate vertical and horizontal bone resorption.
Consider hard tissue grafting if necessary
3. Plan the osteotomy for minimum 2 mm bone buccal lingual and minimum 1.5mm mesial distal, plan for correct implant diameter.
4. Aim for incisal edge for optimal direction when placing Co-Axis® 12 degree, use direction indicator specific to Co-Axis® implants.
5. Evaluate bone quality and adapt surgical protocol for good primary stability, under-prepare width if necessary.
6. Place Implant 3-4mm below the buccal CEJ or 1-2mm sub crestal depending on soft tissue height.
7. Try to keep 2mm of PEEK or Titanium between implant and provisional material.
8. Don’t over contour your provisional restoration.
9. Keep un-mounting /mounting provisional to a minimum.
10. Use original prosthetic components for implant abutment interface for optimal fit


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