BIO Skin Lemon Myrtle Cream

BIO Skin Lemon Myrtle Cream
BIO Skin Lemon Myrtle Cream 50g

Lemon Myrtle has proven antibacterial and anti itch properties, and so is a useful natural option for those itchy bites and small sores. Compounded with our BIOSkin moisturiser this cream provides additional moisturisation benefits. Lemon myrtle has also historically been used as an insect repellent, so it is a good one to have around the BBQ.

BIO Skin has been developed by dermatologist Dr Tallon, and was driven by a desire to have a range of basic natural products. BIO Skin preparations strip back unnecessary additives and preservatives to create a simple and effective product without the added risk of contact irritation and allergy.

   GE Free : None of our BIO Skin products are created from GE plants or vegetables.

   Cruelty Free : Rest assured that none of our BIO Skin products are tested on animals.

   100% New Zealand Made : BIO Skin is designed, developed and manufactured in New Zealand.

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