Hilotherm Clinic

Hilotherm Clinic
Hilotherapy System Hilotherm Clinic - with standard accessories
  • Particularly suitable for the clinical field of application, pre and post-operatively.

  • Allows 2 cuffs to be attached, meaning two patients can be treated at the same time.
    Long-term operation at constant temperature (sensors maintain the configured temperature unchanged).

  • Coolant: distilled water
    (once every 6 months, 2 liters of distilled water)

  • Temperature range +10 to +35°C (selectable in 1°C steps)

  • Dimensions 430 x 275 x 268 mm

  • Weight: Empty weight: 10 kg Working weight: 12 kg

  • Transport:
    Indoors: If possible, on the Hilotherm equipment trolley.
    Outdoors: In the original box or a suitable carry bag.

  • Power supply (230 V) 

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