Hilotherm Homecare

Hilotherm Homecare
Hilotherapy System Hilotherm Homecare - with standard accessories
  • Ideal for use on the move, e.g. in a practice, hospital, sports club or at home.
    After fresh injuries and surgical operations, for chronic inflammations and pains.

  • Allows 1 cuff to be connected, treatment of one individual.
    Long-term operation at constant temperature (sensors maintain the configured temperature unchanged).

  • Coolant: distilled water

  • +15 to +22°C (selectable in 1°C steps)

  • Dimensions 240 x 260 x 260 mm

  • Weight:
    Empty weight: 2.9 kg
    Working weight: Max. 3.4 kg 
    (with completely full container)

  • Transport:
    In transport bag provided (being prepared)

  • Power supply (230 V) 

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